Application of Phytic Acid in Food Antioxidant and Antiseptic


Phytic acid is widely found in plant seeds, is a natural nutrition, phytic acid is the most significant feature of metal ions with strong complexation and oxidation resistance. This unique feature makes it widely available. In developed countries, phytic acid has been used in food, medicine, chemical and other industries. In recent years, the development and utilization of domestic phytic acid, especially as a food preservative has attracted attention.
1. Beverages add 0.01-0.05% phytic acid, can remove too much metal ions. (Especially heavy metals harmful to the human body) have a good protective effect on the human body.
2. The addition of phytic acid to monospora-containing mediator can promote the synthesis and oxidation of microorganisms. The addition of phytic acid to the medium of lactic acid bacteria can promote the growth of lactic acid
3. Specific examples of use:
Phytic acid 4%, caffeine 0.02%, potassium hydroxide 1.36%, anhydrous sorbitol 5.6%, magnesium oxide 0.48%, anhydrous glucose 80%, L-arginine 0.2%, anhydrous citric acid 3.6% Sodium chloride 2%, C-ascorbic acid 0.6%, sulfuric acid 0.2%, water 2.14%.
This formula not only has rapid thirst quencher, but also for long-term drinking. With fresh and pleasant, sweet taste of the characteristics.

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