Chemical name: Calcium-magnesium salt of inositol hexaphosphoric acid
CAS No.: 3615-82-5
EINECS No.: 222-798-1
Molecular formula: C6H6O24P6Ca5Mg
Molecular weight: 872
Physical and chemical properties: White odorless,tasteless powder; soluble in acid, almost insoluble in water. It has unique physical functions and chemical properties. It is a kinds of safe, long acting and health care drug intermediate. With the new application technology increasingly developed, the range of application is getting wider and wider.Mainly used in the fields including health care food, medicine, daily-use chemicals, metal surface processing and plastic processing etc Main actions: Prepared into medicine in medical industry which can speed up the metastasis of human body, keep the phosphorus balance of human body, nourish the brain, cure neuritis, neurasthenic and rachitis etc. At present, it has been used as a new type of food additive for cardiovascular oxidation resistance and adjuvant therapy of cancer. In the food industry: for culture yeast and as yeast in the food industry, anti-oxidantfat of pigment and jam. In metal surface treatment: its t mixture solution can be used in metal surface treatment or to clean metal surface, and improve the corrosion resistance performance of the metal surface, improve the consistency of additives. In the plastic processing industry: as crosslinked antioxygen of plastics and polymer.

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