High molecule polyvinylpyrrolidone

CAS No.: 29297-55-0
Appearance:: Viscous transparent micro-coloring liquid
Smell style: Weak special smell
Mass ratio of main materials,%, range: 10-15
Viscosity (Brookfield viscosity, 20 rpm, 23 ° C), mPa · s, range: 300-18000
Molecular weigh: 1500000-2500000
Multiplication coefficient Viscosity value (k value): 120
Package: Pour 1 cubic meter PA into a polyethylene container with a capacity of 65.130 liters, or pour into another container as required by the user.
Storage: PA should be stored in the transport container in the warehouse, storage temperature +50 ℃ below. PA will be frozen at -2 ° C, and will retain its characteristics after frozen or unfrozen. It may happens bed after unfrozen, stirring it till it is even solution; production shelf life is 3 years.

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